Here’s a quick list of some of the more common abbreviations and terms used here (on my blog) and across the bereaved parents community.

BLM – See BabyLoss Mom

BLD – See BabyLoss Dad

BabyLoss Mom – a mother bereaved through any kind of pregnancy or infant      loss (see BabyLoss Dad/BLD; see BLM)

BabyLoss Dad – a father bereaved through any kind of pregnancy or infant loss

DD – blogspeak; usually means “Dear Daughter”

DH – blogspeak; it generally stands for “Dear Hubby”

DS – blogspeak; “Dear son”


Forever Day – the term I use to describe the day that our lost ones enter into eternity; my Zoe’s Forever day is November 11 (on this day, I keep track of time by saying that she “is __ years Forever”). My own way of remembering that our loss is her gain and that, someday, time won’t matter anymore. I can’t WAIT for my Forever day!

Rainbow – a baby (child) born subsequent to the loss of an infant (a beautiful thing that appears after the worst of the rain/storm has passed, once the sun begins to shine again)

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