Jan 17

My Son’s Music…

I don’t know how you’re wired or what motivates you, but I live and breathe music. This week, the Lord has been using a particular song to challenge me. Our oldest son, like his mother, is hard-wired musically. Last year, for Christmas, we bought him his first cd. A bit old-school, I know, but so is our minivan.

One of the things I love about sharing music with our children is the influence it allows us to have. We don’t always buy kids’ music for our kids. They love the same music I do. And they know it! Our older son has been able to carry a tune since he was about three and a half. And what was he singing? The worship songs we had been singing in church.

So, anyway, this week, we’ve been listening to his Chris Tomlin cd. And there’s one song that the Lord keeps bringing to my mind and laying on my heart. He’s been using it to challenge me. I wanted to share it with you. These are just the lyrics from the chorus, but they’re powerful. I hope it’s a blessing to you.

“Let the glory of Your Name be the passion of the church; / Let the righteousness of God be a holy flame that burns; / Let the saving love of Christ be the measure of our lives; / We believe You’re all to us.”  — Chris Tomlin

This is the challenge He’s been laying on my heart. I hope He uses it to speak to your heart.

By His grace and for His glory.